Each community set up in the Urbanisation is ruled by a president, these presidents then have the option of appointing an administrator who will aid in the running and financial accounting of the community. However small or large the community, the administrator is there to make life easier for the president, the governing community and the community owners alike.

We have been offering this service in the area for many years and have two main offices, one in La Marina Urbanisation and the other in Alicante. From here we can administer to all your community needs and are also on hand to offer a complete range of add-on services to you and your community members.

With our office in Consum Square, La Marina Urbanisation, we are close to home and speak your language with a Spanish Administrator and English support staff. We also have translators on hand who speak French, German and Swedish, so all members of your community can be catered for.

Our office is open Monday to Friday 10am until 4pm (with no siesta) and there is always an emergency contact number should you ever need it.

From community start-ups to running on-going communities we pride ourselves on providing a confidential, professional and cost effective service, ensuring the smooth running of your community. With a host of tried and tested suppliers we can also provide a quick response to any issues which might arise.

Working closely with the president and the committee we will be involved as much, or as little as you want and with an English speaking team we hope that communication will never be a barrier.

Legal Matters

The services we can offer your community include:

Community Constitution

  • Obtaining a CIF number
  • Registration of the Minutes Book
  • Contracting utilities such as water and electricity
  • Contracting services such as telephone and television, internet and anything else needed for the community.



Accounts Control

  • Preparation of the yearly estimate
  • Preparation of account balances
  • Management of community fee payment and debt collecting
  • Control of community expenses and expense payments


Community Meetings

  • Carrying out Annual and Extraordinary Community Meetings Including:
    • Issuing invitations to owners
    •  Hosting the meetings
  • Writing up in the Minutes Book and issuing to the owners
  • Meetings and notes are available in Spanish and English, other languages can be provided

Community Maintenance

  • We liaise with suppliers to get quotes on any maintenance work needed
  • Check contracts and verify that the work has been carried out as requested
  • We also vet personnel employed by the community, arranging salaries, social security payments and wage slips



Community Visits

  • We periodically visit the community
  • We inspect the cleaning, the condition of the commnunal areas such as gardens, pool and interior roads
  • We check that no-one is in breach of any community regulations
  • At the time of the visit if any small repairs are needed we can normally arrange for them to be done at no extra charge to the community


Community Support

  • We are always on hand to intervene in any disputes with legal entities such as insurance and utility companies or private disputes between neighbours.



We don’t limit ourselves to a list though, whatever comes up we are happy to help!

As well as being community administrators we also offer a range of add-on services and anyone from your community will receive a 10% discount on these services for the first year plus access to a dedicated website where issues concerning the community will be posted

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