How to present your house to the best advantage

Now your house is on the market you have to stop thinking of it as your home and start thinking of it as a house and an asset. Fond memories of time spent in the property are irrelevant to prospective buyers. Think how each area is defined, does each room have a purpose and is it the purpose which it was designed for. You are selling a lifestyle to the buyer, they have to be able to imagine themselves living in your house.

  • Here are a few tips to help you present the property to its best advantage:


  • Hide all the family photos, golfing trophies and souvenirs, they only distract buyers attention and prevent them from seeing themselves living there.
  • Pay attention to the windows, clean them, take away clutter that’s obstructing the view and make sure they are well framed with curtains or blinds.
  • Make a focal point of a fireplace or a special piece of furniture.
  • Tidy up the bookshelves and create space with well-placed ornaments.
  • Arrange the furniture so that there is easy passage through the room.
  • Having all the furniture lined up around the walls only makes the room look smaller and unwelcoming.
  • Good lighting can enhance the space and show off the room to its best.
  • Remove all evidence of pets and children.
  • Add finishing touches, colour and life can be bought into the room by use of cushions, pictures, rugs and flowers – be careful not to overdo it though.


  • If you are fortunate enough to have a separate dining room (however small it may be) don’t let it double as an office or play room.
  • Avoid clutter, especially on the table, your buyer needs to picture themselves sitting down to eat.
  • If you need to freshen the walls use a neutral colour.
  • Don’t crowd the room, you should be able to walk around the table.
  • Freshen up old dining chairs with new seat covers or small cushions.
  • Cover a tatty table with a new tablecloth or runner.
  • If there is no separate dining room find a space which can be used as a dining area and define it with a table and chairs.
  • Fresh flowers in a beautiful vase can give the centre of the table a focus.


  • Clean thoroughly, your kitchen needs to look hygienic and functional.
  • Clear away any clutter, including last night’s washing up and the bread maker you’ve never used.
  • Make sure the room is light and bright with neutral walls and accents of colour.
  • If the units are dated consider painting them or replacing the doors or handles.
  • If the floor is worn put down a new covering.
  • Finish off all minor repairs, don’t give the impression that an expensive new kitchen is needed.
  • Get rid of evidence where pets eat or sleep, buyers might find it offensive.
  • Put on a jug of coffee, homely smells such as baking and cinnamon can really give the house a feel of home.

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  • No bathroom can be too clean so get everything fresh and sparkling
  • De-clutter all surfaces – no-one needs to see what brand of shampoo you use.
  • If the tiles are looking tatty re-grout them or even add a coat of tile paint.
  • Ensure your privacy with a new blind on the window or a frosted glass effect
  • Finish off all those DIY jobs, install extra lighting or storage if needed.
  • Purchase a new shower curtain and coordinating towels to make the bathroom feel clean and fresh


  • Walls should be painted in soft neutral colours.
  • If the floors look worn cover them with neutral rugs
  • Clear all clutter, this is however the one room where it is alright to display a few well chosen personal photos.
  • Arrange the furniture so that it appears spacious and bright.
  • Make a feature of a window with a view framing it with a pair of attractive colour coordinated curtains.
  • Make sure the bed linen is clean, ironed and coordinated
  • Make sure all rooms designated as bedrooms have a bed in them and a place to put clothes
  • Remove pets from bedrooms
  • Check the lighting, make sure the shades are clean and the bulbs are working so that the best features are highlighted.


  • Make sure the house has “curb appeal” so the buyer doesn’t walk away before even entering
  • Ensure the garden is clean and tidy, weeded and buy some brightly coloured plants in pots to give it some life
  • Create an area for a garden table and chairs to show the buyer that they can sit and enjoy the sun – this is why they are buying in Spain

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